Venue 109 - About Us

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays are the venues premium days, and require a 6 hour minimum to book, unless your event is earlier in the day.   The venue books at a rate of $150 per hour, this includes: Tables, chairs, sound, and the ability to stream pictures and videos live on all 8 T.V screens in the space. Pricing may vary depending upon other services needed such as, Dj, Decorations, Linen, back drops, Food, catoring, Valet parking, ect. Our price packages are as follows: 6 hours =$1000  8 hours =$1200  12 hours (all day) events $1800, as an added value to our customer,  we do allow extra time for set up and for time to decorate for your event,  we offer this so that your set up time doesnt use up the time you have  booked for your event.  Why Venue109? Well its very simple, the money you save by not having to rent extra items to have your event,  is why we are a much better value than our competition. Give us a call today to set up a walk-thru 615-999-6528

     Venue 109 is a multi-purpose event space  located in Madison, TN.This is a "blank canvas" venue with all the amenities you need for your event.  We are capable of hosting a variety of events. Featuring a state of the art sound system, stage lighting, flexible seating setups, tables, chairs, kitchen and bar area.  Space includes  loft area/ private VIP area, green room for artist, all located just minutes from I-65north/Rivergate area. We are always ready to help  make your next event a memorable experience.  Contact us today for a visit or to discuss available date options for your next event.